Institutional Information

According to the Foundation Charter, the functions of the governing bodies are as follows:

The Board of Trustees is the highest body of government, representation and administration of the Foundation. The authority of the Board encompasses all matters concerning the government and administration of the Foundation, without exception, and the resolution of all legal and circumstantial incidents that occur. The Board is responsible for complying with the foundational purposes and for administering the assets and rights that constitute the patrimony of the Foundation, assuring their correct performance and effectiveness.

The Delegate Commission is a management body to which the Board has delegated powers, except for the approval of the plan of action, budgets and annual accounts; the modification of the statutes, mergers, liquidation, extinction and acts requiring the authorization of the protectorate; the election or cessation of Board members and the designation of positions on the Board; the election or cessation of the Director and decision-making related to the Scientific Council.

The Scientific Council is made up of researchers of international renown in the subjects related to the purposes of the Foundation. Employers who have been elected due to their status as scientists of international renown form part of the council. The functions of the Scientific Council are to advise the Director in the development of the four-year target plan and annual performance plan; to evaluate the implementation of both the annual performance plan and the four-year target plan and to report said evaluation to the board; to advise on the scientific work of the foundation in all matters that are submitted for its consideration; to propose the addition and renovation of new scientific employers; to advise on the election and dismissal of the Director of the Foundation.

It is the Director's responsibility, pursuant to the powers and guidelines granted by the Board, to represent the Foundation and sign on its behalf; to direct, promote and oversee all the activities of the Foundation; to hire staff in the service of the Foundation and act as the hierarchical superior of all the staff of the Foundation; to draw up the annual performance plan and the four-year target plan, as well as the general plan of activity of the Foundation, determining its needs and resources, as well as the necessary means to achieve the Foundation's objectives; to formulate budgets and annual accounts; to establish the distribution and application of the funds available to meet the purposes of the Foundation.

The Deputy Director is appointed by the Board or by the Executive Committee at the proposal of the Director. He reports directly to the latter and assists him in his tasks, representing him in case of his absence or inability to act.

The Manager is appointed by the Board or by the Executive Committee at the proposal of the Director, to whom he reports. His functions are to manage and coordinate the general services of the Foundation, in particular, the administrative, financial, economic and legal aspects; he is responsible for the financial and economic control of the Foundation; he draws up the draft budgets and annual accounts; he is responsible for the management of human resources and the implementation and management of policies of social responsibility, health and safety and hygiene at work, gender equality and work-life balance.

The Director, Deputy Director, Manager make up the Steering Committee which analyses all aspects related to decision-making with respect to the operation of the Institute and any possible proposals to be submitted to the Board or the Executive Committee.

To carry out its activities, the Institute is organized into Research Units, Platforms of Advanced Scientific Services and a Unit of Management, Administration and Technical Support.

The Research Units are made up of researchers. They can be organized into one or more groups, each led by a Principal Researcher. They perform scientific research, fund-raising in order to carry out projects, publishing and transfer of results.

The Platforms are composed of researchers, technicians and support staff. They provide internal scientific services to the Investigation Units and other Platforms and external services to other research groups and companies at a national or international level. In addition, they perform functions of specialized training and provide support in the transfer of results, dissemination, communication and outreach.

The Unit of Management, Administration and Technical Support is composed of technicians and administrative staff. It performs the technical, administrative and economic management of the research projects and the activities of the Institute, all the infrastructure of the Centre and provides technical support to the Units of Research and the Platforms.